Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Too Hollywood

(OOPS: I knew I forgot to post this. Oh well, this is from Dec. 15.)

The closer we get to end of the semester, the pressure increases. It wouldn’t be all bad if I didn’t have to deal with other stuff like malfunctions at work causing us to stay three hours later than planned or getting a spike in my tire.

My presentation is finished for Thursday, but the test run on the Macs will have to wait thanks to the trip to the car shop today. I also managed to thumbnail two pages of my Punk script, which I presented Monday for crit. Main response was issues with the story pacing, particularly with the dense 4 grid panel layout. All the panels came across at equal weight, even the dramatic moments. What I took away from it (along with the fact that even while improved, I can’t depend solely on my drawing to get my point across) is that I might be hanging too much on the cinematic approach to storytelling. I was hyperconscious about “finding the right beat” in each panel. So much that I don’t see how although a scene looks good in my head, or would work on a big screen, it doesn’t translate as well to page – at least not the way I draw. Again, not necessarily a knock on my penciling skillz, just not where my strength lies yet.

So I went to bed at 3 this a.m. thinking, just get through a couple more days. Then I woke up and realized Copia deadline is tomorrow.

“Oh what fun it is to ride…”

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