Monday, December 7, 2009

Finals crisis

 Wow, the fact that it's December is still tripping me out. Where did the semester go?

This week begins the final push to winter break and that means final projects! I'll be at the podium, so to speak, Wednesday and next Thursday, the last day of class. That's the day the seniors get to play visiting artist for the freshpersons. We all have to give a 10-minute talk on our thesis projects (first wave actually starts this week). I'm staying away from the Power Point show, going more low-tech. My talk is pretty mapped out, but I've still got pages to thumbnail and others to scan. Good thing I'm pretty much set for Wednesday's pro practice talk -- just have to decide what to wear...

As part of the thesis presentations, we had to design posters outlining our projects. These will be hung as an exhibit at the school. Not having anything drawn for my thesis to this point, made it kind of hard to come up with something to put on display for the whole wide school to see. But somehow, I did. O'boy. Modik's thesis poster

Last week, we had two days of intensive life drawing. Kriota's course focused on skeletal structure and muscles, and how they inform our drawing and character development. It was my second go-round with it, but still very helpful. Maybe I'll post some of my pieces during the break, since we did get homework. :)

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