Friday, January 30, 2009

Marvel stinks or sour grapes?

I'm about ready to "boycott" Marvel. I work in a freaking bookstore and I couldn't get a copy of Spidey/Obama. We kept getting notices from corporate "they say it should be arriving this week..." And as I guessed it never did. However, I go to Mile High Comics and see the first printing issue (shown at right) on sale for $100.
And as for my LCS? I went there and didn't see it either but that was probably because they'd reserved their 10 copies.
Is it because we live in Vermont that we don't seem to be able to get these things? Even B&N was still waiting for the issue as of Wednesday.
How does this distribution thing work? We keep saying floppies are in danger cause graphic novels will all be sold at bookstores, yet nothing is going to the bookstores. Does this start with Marvel doing woefully inadequate print runs on books they know will sell out? And how does it benefit them to have a Spidey book for sale on Ebay at $300?
Things sell out I understand. But how can a book that never made it to store shelves -- at least as far as I can tell here -- sell out? Doesn't seem right.
I know -- life ain't fair.