Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 1 well under way

And I'm not referring to the NFL season (although I did just watch the Pats once again pull out a miraculous win in the closing minutes). I had my first session of senior thesis seminar today and so classes are now in full swing. Jason Lutes already had us drawing comics...eep. I just went with it. And then we had to reveal our strengths and weaknesses. We'll see as the year goes whether I was right about mine.

As soon as next week, we're going to start having in-class crits. I need to get rolling so I can have something to show. The rest are building off stuff they started last year. I haven't even sat down with Steve and James to talk about my plans for a thesis. It will more than likely involve DZC and "Punk" in some way.

For professional practice, we're designing "identity systems," logos and other designs for use on business cards, letterheads, Web sites. After some frustrating fits and starts, I think I've settled on a nice design.

The jump-right-into work philosophy is forcing me to not dwell on where my drawing skills might be compared to the others. Now, that don't mean I haven't been peeking looks at my classmates worktables and sketch pads ...


Matt Aucoin said...

Yo Modi,

I really liked your business card and logo with the little hat and the glasses. I can't wait to see more of your work!


modik said...

Some folks thought it was a turtle (my wife included) so thanks!

I thought everybody's stuff was pretty amazing?