Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amtrak epiphany

Today, Wednesday, Sept. 15, was the first day taking the train into WRJ. It was much bouncier than I thought, but I was still able to read and not get sick like I would if I were on the bus or in car. I'm not sure about working with laptop or drawing but we'll see. Also, won't be long before the beautiful fall scenery loses its luster.

Also, this could be me reading too much into it, but I felt a sense of the divine at work as the train rambled on. I've said the school opening in Vermont was the first instance and now there's the train ride itself: the station is no more than 10 minutes from my house (the one we took so long to find) and the station in WRJ drops me off practically behind the school! Folks from/in big metro areas are probably like "what's the big deal?" But for the transportation to fall in line so well in rural, scattered Vermont is a biggie to me. Makes me wonder, is all, maybe it's just the air on the train...

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