Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where you been?

"Eye" can hear you asking that question. Well, it's been one wild winter,  not counting the lack of snow and the 70 degree weather. Lots of changes in my life and I'm trying to keep abreast of it all.
That's one reason I couldn't get the script to work for the next book. I stopped for a while and began working on a short speculative fiction story that I'm looking to submit to an anthology. Maybe time away would free up the log jam.
I guess it worked, though I think I just kept looking at the calendar and realized it was time. I finally was able to wrestle down my thumbnails and have started doing breakdowns for next chapter. Te's going to do the drawing based on those breakdowns, for at least one chapter. I believed this project was more suited to my illustrating style, and more so, my skill level. But I want something a bit more refined for the next installment so I'm changing things up a bit. For instance, I might just ink with a pen and not brush. If I can find the time and the nerve, I'll post some of the preliminary pages. 

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