Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 2 Blues

Yes, it is way past the second week at CCS. But aside from just wanting to use that catchy title, it sums up why it's been a month between posts. I had some things to work through -- and I'll leave it at that. I'll save all my woe and misery for a future auto-bio comic. (HA)

Classes have been good and the work load has been manageable. But when I look at the overall picture for the semester I'm falling way behind. I've had to spend a lot of my designated school time on non-cartooning related things (sick kids and paperwork primarily). Then again, that's life, right?

I did manage to draw up an action plan for projects, even with dates attached to them. I want to seriously pitch my novel and children's book. Michelle (Ollie) liked my internship proposal, so I'm doing some follow up research. And I settled on which titles to attack first with Danger Zone (which might be undergoing a name change).

Now, I need to get back on the path before I stray too far off course. Especially with Thanksgiving approaching because while it might be a vacation for some, it'll get busier for me.

Also, during my long Web silence I managed to complete a 4-page dream comic for class. So, remember as you're reading, this started as a dream. (HA HA) I also tried one of the "extra-credit" challenges in the piece, which was to evoke a specific emotion without using any words. I believe I got close. Let me know what you think. Schumer: A Dream Comic

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Becky said...

You have so much on your plate. Let me know if I can do anything to help you manage it all.