Thursday, July 3, 2008

PUNK #0 online -- sort of

Sounds like a sports mantra or military oath. But as my fellow comic creators and bloggers know, those are also important to us! I'm being reminded that I have to make the time for my comics career and not wait until I can get a moment to work on things. Part of it is scheduling. Part of it is not being lazy: "yea, you're tired, but we got work to do." Part of it is overcoming the fear that it's a waste of time.
Things come up, like illnesses out of nowhere. Life.
But I've got to be diligent. I've got to make it happen (with some help from the Almighty). My hesitation cost me a $500 illustrating gig.
That said, my promised update on the availability of Punk is long overdue. Here is the first half of the issue. As soons as Comcast fixes my Web issues, I'll have more for you.

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Becky said...

Nice work! So, tell me more about Punk!